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Debbie Lux Receives Award

by Betsy Pennink,
from the January 2017 issue of Medford Leas Life

In the same week that Debbie Lux, horticulturist, sold wreaths and arrangements at the Craft Fair, led four Christmas wreath-making workshops, and practiced for the Holiday Show, she accepted an award from LeadingAge New Jersey at their Annual Awards Ceremony. Continue reading

Ernest Kaufman video, photo-essay & book

The Living History project of Armed Forces Heritage Museum afhmus.org/ has an hour-long video of Ernest Kaufman telling his story.      The YouTube link is youtube.com/watch?v=6mOVSAnEDkk

A photo-essay about Ernest is on the MLRA website at mlra.org/photo-essays/ernest-kaufman   and his book may be purchased from Amazon at www.amazon.com/Fright-Fight-Farm-Journey-Survival/dp/147876869X


Debbie Lux – Excellence in Care Award

On Wednesday, December 7, Debbie Lux, Medford Leas Horticulturalist, was
honored by Leading Age-New Jersey with an Excellence in Care Award for her
dedicated service to Medford Leas — home of the Barton Arboretum and
Nature Preserve.

Join us in congratulating Debbie for this honor.

Debbie Lux, Medford Leas, and Susan Cunningham, Chair, Arboretum Oversight Committee

Debbie Lux, Medford Leas, and Susan Cunningham, Chair, Arboretum Oversight Committee


BCT: “Fly! Bessie! Fly!” lands at Medford Leas

On November 1 there was an article by Rebecca Carlbon in the Burlington County Times about an upcoming Forum.   Carlbon wrote:

bessie-colemanMedford Leas Forum will present ‘Fly! Bessie! Fly!,” the story of Bessie Coleman performed by Dr. Daisy Century on Nov.12 at 11 a.m. Coleman, who in 1921, became the first African American woman to earn a pilot’s license, was not a person who let other people define her limitations, so she traveled to France to learn to fly when American flight schools refused her because of her race. In later years she shared her experiences with children, encouraging them with the words, “You too can fly.”   Continue reading –>

First Fall in Lumberton

by Kathy Riley 

After a September that seemed like an extension of summer, we began to have cooler weather and an occasional touch of frost, interspersed with some eighty-degree days whose heat and humidity had us digging out those summer clothes we’d carefully put away.  I thought back to the year before when we were in the early stages of our move and visited the soon-to-be new home several times. I knew that I would be living there by late winter, but emotionally I still hadn’t let go of my old city home.  Continue reading

Singing Without a Net

Here’s a story of the week that was.

1mondayOn Wednesday, October 19, the Medford Leas Singers performed for 175 residents from 20 New Jersey CCRCs. But on a Wednesday, Chris Bass, our amazing conductor who leads the women’s chorus at Temple University, can’t be with us. To perform without Chris is like working without a net. So we scheduled a “dress rehearsal” at the monthly Medford Leas Residents Association meeting on Monday, October 17.  Continue  reading–>